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Franconia Notch
About Franconia Notch About Franconia Notch Region
Robert Frost quote
View from Artist's Bluff
Courtesy Photo: Tortorice Family

About Franconia
Notch Region

About Franconia Notch Region

The Franconia Notch Region of New Hampshire on the western side of the White Mountain National Forest contains the most stunning scenery in the Northeast. Franconia Notch, the highly recognizable narrow mountain pass through the White Mountains, has long attracted visitors to behold its spectacular beauty and well known attractions. The sheer Cannon Cliffs and the towering Franconia Ridge create dramatic scenery unrivaled in this part of the country. Franconia Notch State Park, the jewel of the New Hampshire State Parks system, has gained nationwide recognition for its grandeur. Few areas have so many attractive sites within only a short distance of each other. The first aerial tramway in America climbs over 4800 feet to the summit of Cannon, while eight miles further through the park, adventurers take the walkway 90 feet to the bottom of the Flume Gorge to fill their senses with the awe of geological glaciation, waterfalls and natural history.

Active travelers will want to explore and discover that special spot in nature that once found is never forgotten. Challenging or leisurely year-round recreation abounds in the spectacular mountainsides and peaks where hiking trails lead to dashing waterfalls cascading over smooth granite. Other trails and paths beckon to quiet pools of reflected legacies or pristine lakes waiting to embrace recreational enthusiasts and admirers of our natural resources and wildlife. Truly one destination for all seasons, Ski Cannon! says it best in the winter. Long touted as a skier's mountain, world champions have honed their racing skills on the challenging vertical drop of Cannon's expert trails since the early ski school days of boot packing slopes and rope tows. Well groomed trails for all skill levels, snow guns, T-bars, the Tram, family slopes and mountainside expansion, now welcome every venue of winter sport for all levels from playful to pure exhilaration.

Exploring the "road less traveled" leads to the villages of Franconia, Easton and Sugar Hill which are all tied together in an idyllic scenic loop of quintessential New England life steeped in victorian architectural splendor, historical preservation and bucolic stateliness. Each finds its way to the others by rural routes and roads that bring the words of Robert Frost to life all year as the splendor of traditional seasons peak and wane in unpredictable awe and delight.

About Franconia Notch Region

Franconia Notch, guardian of the western side of the White Mountain National Forest, was the home of the famous Old Man of the Mountain that was chiseled by glacial turmoil and nature's artistry.  The same "Great Stone Face". immortalized by Nathaniel Hawthorne and Daniel Webster as the personification of the ruggedness of the people of New Hampshire, lives still through the artist's eye and camera's image and remains the great iconic state symbol of New Hampshire for time immemorial. Those who live here and those who have adopted it as home, enjoy a quality of life created by the wonders of geography, geology and legends. Robert Frost not only discovered this, he immortalized the experience when he penned these words:  "I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference".


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Artist Bluff

Franconia Notch Region Chamber
Franconia Notch Region Chamber